Vespera 2.0

Dangers in the Dark

The party investigates some disappearances in the Arcane District


After saving an arcanist from a group of angry citizens, the party learned that a series of disappearances in the Arcane District had created animosity between the average people of the district and the arcanists, whom they blamed for the presumed kidnappings. Motivated by the Arcanists’ Guild’s promise of a reward for any information regarding the true nature of the kidnappings, the party conducted an investigation that eventually lead them into the sewers beneath the Arcane District, where they found something far more dangerous than answers…

The Sandy Tome

The party began their adventure in the Sandy Tome Tavern in the Spice District, where they stayed the previous night. Instead of lingering around to talk to the patrons, barkeep, or barmaid, the group immediately set out into the city hoping to visit Rickard’s Riverlands Armory once again.

Chaos in the Streets

A few moments after hitting the streets, the group halted as they heard a large commotion and barking dogs. The townspeople had cleared out of the street in fear as a woman wearing rich emerald robes ran screaming from a sidestreet, pursued by barking dogs and a group of three men. Thinking that perhaps the woman was wealthy and could offer them some gratitude for helping her, the group engaged the assailants, quickly crippling the dogs with ranged attacks. Prudence ran to protect the woman while Eric wandered the crowd, trying to find out what was going on. The others fended off two of the attackers and captured another after Octavian nearly killed him.


While Eric found out about the disappearances from some scared townsfolk, Metis and Octavian used their own methods to extract the same information from their captured attacker. The man was especially scared of Metis, who repeatedly threatened to



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