Vespera 2.0

Dangers in the Dark
The party investigates some disappearances in the Arcane District


After saving an arcanist from a group of angry citizens, the party learned that a series of disappearances in the Arcane District had created animosity between the average people of the district and the arcanists, whom they blamed for the presumed kidnappings. Motivated by the Arcanists’ Guild’s promise of a reward for any information regarding the true nature of the kidnappings, the party conducted an investigation that eventually lead them into the sewers beneath the Arcane District, where they found something far more dangerous than answers…

The Sandy Tome

The party began their adventure in the Sandy Tome Tavern in the Spice District, where they stayed the previous night. Instead of lingering around to talk to the patrons, barkeep, or barmaid, the group immediately set out into the city hoping to visit Rickard’s Riverlands Armory once again.

Chaos in the Streets

A few moments after hitting the streets, the group halted as they heard a large commotion and barking dogs. The townspeople had cleared out of the street in fear as a woman wearing rich emerald robes ran screaming from a sidestreet, pursued by barking dogs and a group of three men. Thinking that perhaps the woman was wealthy and could offer them some gratitude for helping her, the group engaged the assailants, quickly crippling the dogs with ranged attacks. Prudence ran to protect the woman while Eric wandered the crowd, trying to find out what was going on. The others fended off two of the attackers and captured another after Octavian nearly killed him.


While Eric found out about the disappearances from some scared townsfolk, Metis and Octavian used their own methods to extract the same information from their captured attacker. The man was especially scared of Metis, who repeatedly threatened to

Easier Combat Rules
Because combat rules are really wordy...


I hope I’m not the only one as utterly confused by the Pathfinder combat rules as I am in the world. I decided to do a bit of review so combat would run more smoothly, and am putting up my notes here. Basically, this is cutting out all the wordy fluff from the CRB and putting it into reference-able, readable form.

Basic Combat Statistics

Melee Attack Roll: BAB + STR modifier + size modifier
Ranged Attack Roll: BAB + DEX modifier + size modifier + range penalty
Armor Class: 10 + DEX modifier + shield bonus + other modifiers
Note: Armor decreases max dex, so may decrease the dex bonus to AC.
Note: Dex bonus can only be used when character can react to blows
Touch Attacks: disregards armor, shields, and natural armor
Incorporeal Touch Attacks: disregards armor
Note: Incorporeal touch attacks do not ignore AC bonuses from force effects
Normal Damage: STR modifier + weapon damage
Off-Hand Weapon Damage: 0.5 STR modifier + weapon damage
Two Handed Weapon Damage: (for non-light weapons) 1.5 STR modifier + weapon damage

Attacks of Opportunity

Threatened Squares: All squares you could attack. If unarmed, no squares.
Moving: Moving through a threatened square provokes an attack of opportunity
Note: Taking a 5 foot step or using a withdrawal action does not provoke
Attacks: Single melee attack at full attack bonus, only one per round
Note: With Combat Reflexes, # of attacks of opportunity/round = 1 + DEX mod


Speed: 30/6 or 20/4 (in heavy armor)
Running: Spend 2 move actions, move at double speed; Spend whole round, move at quadruple speed (triple in heavy armor)

Move Actions

Moving: At your speed. If you move, you may not make a 5 foot step.
Climbing: At 1/4 your speed. If you climb, you may not make a 5 foot step.
Note: Taking a -5 penalty on climb roll allows movement at 1/2 speed
Swimming: At 1/4 your speed. If you swim, you may not make a 5 foot step.
Crawling: At 1/4 your speed. Provokes attack of opportunity. Considered prone. Must take move action to stand, which also provokes attack of opportunity.
Direct or Redirect Spell: No attack of opportunity, no concentration needed
Draw or Sheath Weapon: With BAB of 1 or higher, is free action. Applies to weapon-like objects like wands.
Mounting/Dismounting: With DC20 Ride check, as free action. Can only attempt if you can take the whole move action should you fail.
Ready/Drop Shield: With BAB of 1 or higher, is free action.
Stand Up: Move action that provokes attack of opportunity

Attacks and Standard Actions

Additional Attacks: At +6, +11, and +16, gain an additional attack if you take a full round attack
Shooting into Melee: Shooting targets engaged in melee incurs a -4 attack penalty.unless they’re more than 10 feet apart
Fighting Defensively: Declared before attacking, -4 to attack roll to get +2 to AC
Activate a Magic Item: Consumes a standard action
Charge: Charging allows you to move at 2x your speed and still attack if you have a clear path to the nearest square from which you could attack your opponent. Take +2 to attack rolls and -2 to AC until your next turn.
Swinging from Ropes: Attacking after swinging on a rope or similar object is treated as a charge with the same rules mechanics.
Feint: Bluff check DC 10 + opponent BAB + opponent wisdom (or sense motive modifier, if higher). Next move opponent does not get DEX bonus to AC.

Full Round Actions

Full Attack: With BAB +1 or higher, with 2 weapons, or other, you may attack twice in a round. If you do so, you may only take a five foot step as movement during that round.
Note: When making a full attack, you may fight defensively and take -4 to attack rolls and +2 to AC just as with a normal attack
Moving 5 Feet in Difficult Terrain: In especially difficult terrain, it takes a full round to move five feet. This is not a five foot step.
Run: Running the whole round, you may move at 4x your speed (3x in heavy armor). You lose your DEX bonus to AC. You may run for a number of rounds equal to your constitution score, and then must make Con checks with a DC of 10 + the number of times you’ve made the check.
Withdraw: You may move at 2x your speed away from melee combat, not provoking attacks of opportunity from visible opponents (invisible still get it). If while withdrawing you move out of a threatened square other than the one you started in, enemies get attacks of opportunity as normal.


Full Round Spells: Spells that take a full round to cast come into effect RIGHT BEFORE YOUR NEXT TURN and may be interrupted during that time, causing you to need to make concentration checks to continue casting it.
Casting: Must be able to fulfill components requirements, (Verbal, Somatic, Material) and concentrate. Provokes an attack of opportunity unless its a free action to cast.
Concentration: If something happens to a spellcaster while casting, they must make a concentration check to continue casting. d20 + casting stat mod + CL
Note: Concentration table:
Crits: Spells that require an attack roll can crit with a natural 20 and inflict double damage
Counterspells: With DC15 Spellcraft check, identify an enemy spell and cast that spell (if you have it) to dispel their spell and ruin their spell.

Combat Maneuvers

Performing a Maneuver: Apply CMB against your opponent’s CMD to roll. Attempting a combat maneuver provokes an attack of opportunity unless otherwise noted. If your opponent hits you while attempting the maneuver, add the damage they inflict as a penalty on the attack roll.
Incapacitated Opponents: Combat maneuver checks against incapacitated opponents (immobilized, unconscious, otherwise unable to react) automatically succeed.
Stunned Opponents: +4 on your attack roll.
Dirty Trick: Allows you to perform some creative action (kicking sand into your opponent’s eyes, for example) to inflict one of the following conditions for 1 + 1 for every 5 you exceed your opponent’s CMD by on an attack roll rounds: blinded, dazzled, deafened, entangled, shaken, sickened. Condition may be removed by taking a move action.
Disarm: Provokes an attack of opportunity. If succeeds by 10 or more, opponent drops both things in their hands. Attempting to disarm unarmed is a -4 penalty. You may use any weapon (and its bonuses) to disarm an opponent. If you disarm unarmed, you automatically have the weapon they were previously holding in your hands afterwards.
Drag: Move an opponent 5 feat backwards. Provokes attack of opportunity.
Grappling: Normal CMB vs CMD roll. Gives both the grappled condition. +5 circumstance bonuses for aggressor to maintain the grapple. Allows pinning, trying up, moving, inflicting unarmed or light one-handed weapon damage with successful grapple check.
Overrun: With CMB vs CMD roll, move through opponent’s square. Works as part of charge.
Steal/Sunder: CMB vs CMD roll, GM decides penalties based on feasibility of theft
Trip: CMB vs CMD roll, opponent knocked prone. If you fail by 10 or more, you are knocked prone.

Terrain and Obstacles

Difficult Terrain: Squares cost twice the movement, moving diagonally costs triple. Characters cannot charge or run across difficult terrain.

Attack Modifiers


Armor Class Modifiers



Ready any kind of action in response to another kind of action. Example: I ready an attack with my great sword the next time the spell caster tries to cast a spell. If the thing you’ve readied for happens before your turn, you may take the action then. When it gets back to your turn, you either choose to re-ready the action or do something else.

Two Weapon Fighting

Incur penalties occuring to this table. You get one extra attack with your off weapon (an unarmed strike is considered a light weapon should you chose to use it.


Mounted Combat

Non-Combat Trained Mounts: If your mount is not combat trained, controlling it is a DC20 Ride check as a move action to control your mount every round. If you fail, you do nothing but control your mount that turn (and take free actions).
Attacking from a Mount: With a free action DC5 Ride check you can control your mount with your knees to attack. If melee, get +1 bonus.
Ranged Attacks: When mount uses double move, ranged attacks take -4. When mount runs at quadruple speed, take – 8
Casting: If the mount is moving, make Concentration DC10 + spell level or lose the spell. At quadruple speed, is DC15 + spell level.
Mount Falls: DC15 Ride check or take 1d6 fall damage.
You Drop: 50% chance to stay in the saddle, 75% for military saddle. Otherwise, 1d6 points fall damage and your mount avoids combat.

The Desert
The road to Gyr is fraught with danger...


The party leaves Grant and the Valleylands behind, and turns towards the Holy Empire of Que’edal, seeking to travel to Gyr and visit the Great Library. They arrive at Sandpoint, a small town at the edge of the Dragonsands desert where the party makes preparations for the week long trek along the Snakeroad that lies before them. A new companion, Octavian Van Helsing, joins the party. Preparations are difficult, the journey is hard, and getting attacked by a sandworm doesn’t help either. Hasan Khaled rescues the party from an attack by a second sandworm, and guides them out of the desert in return for carrying his artifacts and supplies to Gyr. Now, the city and the Great Library lie ahead.

The North Road

After deciding to leave Grant and head north to visit the Great Library at Gyr, the party started off down the North Road, the major thoroughfare linking the Holy Empire of Que’edal and the Valleylands. While traveling, the group encountered a group of Que’edali paladins, and Eric and Rustiford hid in the bushes while Metis continued to walk calmly down the road. Metis recognize the paladins as the 16th Division, and its two leaders as Ezra Dran and Griygin Karr, his wife and ex-best friend. Neither Griygin nor Ezra recognized Metis now that he had been transformed into a woman by his belt of change gender, however Griygin seemed to be suspicious or uneasy when speaking with Metis. The paladins pounded off down the road after asking Metis a few questions about the state of affairs in Grant, leaving the party to reunite and continue north.

A New Companion

The party arrived in a small Que’edali town called Sandpoint after a day of uneventful travel along the North Road. They took up residence in an inn called the Empty Barrel and immediately struck up a conversation with the barkeeper, Sina, a jovial half-elf who, like all bartenders, obsessively cleaned drinking glasses with a rag. Sina expressed a lot of interest in the party’s previous adventures, especially in Metis, after the group fumbled to provide an alternate name for him in his female disguise. The group told Sina that they were headed to Gyr to visit the library, and were overheard by a man named Octavian Von Helsing, who mentioned that he was also headed to Gyr. Octavian was offered a place in the traveling party for safety on the way to Gyr, and accepted. The group then began preparations for leaving Sandpoint.

The Note

As Metis was leaving the Empty Barrel Tavern, he noticed that the barkeeper, Sina, handing a note to a young boy. The boy then took off running, and Metis, suspicious, gave chase, catching the boy and holding him against a wall. After threatening to break the legs of the boy’s prized horse, Biscuit (who was the fastest horse in the village!), the boy confessed that Sina had hired him to deliver messages to the Inquisitory in the next town over. Metis took the note, gave the boy 20 gold pieces for his troubles, and read the following message:

To A-
Suspicious travelers out of River Duchies to Gyr. Possible sighting of M.
- Sina
P.S. I am expecting my payment


After an encounter with a raging feminist seamstress, Alison, and her depressed husband, Wes, the party acquired clothes suitable for desert travel and Metis and Rustiford bought full sand gear including goggles just in case they ran into a sandstorm. While talking to Alison, Octavian discovered that Sina had been in contact with the Inquisition, and was likely being payed as an informant. After informing Metis, the two decided to torture Sina for information, and after burning his face to hide his identity from the Inquisition, sent him off along the North Road to die. Rustiford had significant moral issues with torturing Sina, and attempted to help him as best he could and ease his pains when possible. Octavian discovered that the Inquisitors that had recruited Sina were part of a special task force called the Order of the Garnet.

The party further prepared for their impending journey by purchasing supplies one by one from local general store owner, Iqurith. Iqurith was incredibly eccentric, weaving long, incomprehensible stories about dire bunny attacks and insisting that the Scati that the party tried to rent from him choose them. After a rather traumatic series of deals with the strange man, they had all of the trail rations, water, and mounts that they predicted they’d need to pass through the desert, and set off along the Snakeroad towards Gyr.

The Desert

The first few days through the desert were uneventful, but Eric and Octavian successfully predicted that there would be a sandstorm in four days. They decided to travel through the storm, the party members who did not have sand gear riding inside of their bedrolls lashed to their mounts while the other adventurers steered the caravan.

The party’s movements attracted a giant sandworm, which they subdued after sustaining significant damage from its electrical attacks and losing all of their mounts either to its teeth or the sandstorm. Thinking they were safe, the party attempted to take shelter inside of the worm corpse, in which they found the remains of another traveling caravan and lots of treasure and rare gems.


Unfortunately, the vibrations in the sand caused by the first sandworm attack attracted a second one, which was quickly dispelled by an ice storm spell cast by a mysterious figure on a horse, who approached the party over the dunes. He lamented their idiocy for traveling during a sandstorm (the only time worms hunt) and not carrying a wand of some ice spell (which the worms hate).

The man lead them to a bunker-like base made of an old sandworm’s segments. He explained that his name was Hasan Khaled, and that he was in the “acquisitions business,” and was traveling to Gyr to sell off some artifacts he’d acquired during his travels in the south. His caravan had been eaten by sandworms after being attacked by bandits during the sandstorm, which attracted the beast. He escaped, but lost most of his artifacts. Luckily, a stone that would allow the scholars at Gyr to decipher the language of the Ancient Valleylands civilization was saved from the attack.

Hasan gave the party a choice: Help him carry his things out of the desert and he’d guide them to Gyr, or refuse to help and be left to die. The group decided to help him carry the artifacts, and Hasan guided them to Gyr and left them in the city.

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