Tertia is the third moon from the gas giant Vespera. Neither near or far from the planet’s magical influence, Tertia is a world touched by magic but dominated by the mundane. It is neither a new world nor an old one, having seen the rise and fall of civilizations but also offering a relatively fresh slate for new powers.


Geography: Cloud Sea :: Lateran :: The Crown :: Sea of Tears :: Angol Isles ::The Spine
Races: Humans :; Elves :: Catfolk :: Skyborn :: Star People :: Dwarves
Civilizations: Holy Empire of Que’edal :: River Duchies :: Winterwilds Kingdom :: Angoland :: Free States
History: First Western War


Tertia is temperate, with colder extremes at the north and south poles. It is dominated by the Cloud Sea, with two continents and large, ocean-like lakes peeking through the mist before dropping away. Its two major continents are Lateran and The Crown, but it is rare that the denizens of these landmasses ever communicate, as they are separated by vast expanses of water and clouds. Tertia’s largest lake is called the Sea of Tears. There are numerous island chains scattered through the Cloud Sea, including the Angol Isles.


As the third moon of Vespera, Tertia is touched by magic, but it is rare for Tertians to fully master it. Magic is most common as potions, elixirs, wands, and other enchanted objects, and Tertians are eager to use these when they can afford them. Only the very few are able to cast magic without material aids. Arcane and divine magic are equally powerful on Tertia, but depending on the culture or region, one may have a stronger presence than another.


Most Tertian societies have a level of technology roughly similar to, if not slightly higher than, that of medieval Europe. Some civilizations from the Cloud Sea island chains have attained higher levels of technology and use steam power, whereas in some isolated areas the level of technology is much lower. Firearms are only used by a few of the Cloud Sea island civilizations.


Tertia is dominated by Humans and Elves, although there pockets of other races. The Elves of Tertia were originally from The Crown, but arrived on the north coast of Lateran in the distant past and have since developed separately from their northern ancestors. Humans are significantly rarer in The Crown than they are in Lateran.

Other notable races include the Catfolk tribes of Lateran and the Skyborn that inhabit the island chains of the Cloud Sea. Dwarves were the first intelligent race to build civilizations on Tertia, erecting their cities and monuments in the mountains of Lateran, but they were completely exterminated early in the history of Tertia. Only ruins of dwarven civilization remain. In the mountains of The Spine there is a race of halflings called the Star People.


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