Alder Price

Member of the 16th Division of Paladins under Ezra Dran


Alder is a paladin in the 16th Division under Ezra Dran. He originally hails from a small River Duchy village that was assimilated into the Holy Empire of Que’edal.

Physical Description
Alder stands 5’11" tall and weighs around 200 pounds. He has chin-length black hair that falls into his eyes a bit and blue eyes.

Alder is generally a jovial young man, and tries to remain cheery even in the face of great hardship. He has a special talent for seeing the glass half-full, which can sometimes irritate those more realistic or pessimistic people around him, but many people find it comforting. Alder also has a tendency to make jokes at inopportune times, or to make comments that might not be considered politically correct without really realizing what he’s done wrong. Despite his strength and skill as a warrior, Alder is generally boyish in his mannerisms and thought process. He also easily becomes enamored with beautiful women, and has been known to become an adorable, albeit persistent, nuisance.

Alder was born in a River Duchies town and lived there for three years until the Que’edali invaded and took him, along with a few other healthy young boys, to be trained as paladins. He doesn’t remember his home village that well, and has only visited his family once.

Growing up in the Temple at Ma’yathu, Alder was mischievous and prone to pranking. He was popular and well-liked by his classmates, but he was not the best student, and graduated near the bottom of his class because he would frequently skip training sessions, especially religion and philosophy classes. However, Alder meshed well with anyone, and had incredible fighting ability, so he quickly marked himself out when placed with the 13th Division, and was recruited by Ezra Dran to replace one of the fallen members of the 16th Division after the 16th was decimated by a bombing. He’s been serving under Ezra ever since.

Family and Connections

Will Price, father (estranged)
Cathleen Price, mother (estranged)
Roger Price, brother (estranged)
Freddie Price, brother (estranged)
Ezra Dran, captain, comrade, friend
Griygin Karr, lieutenant, comrade, friend
Gina Sunchild, comrade, friend
Tunnah Ki’izhir, comrade, friend
Arij Assam, commander

Fighting Style

Alder fights with skill beyond his years in battle, which is surprising considering how immature he can be. Comrades joke that he exchanged his maturity for fighting sense. He neither rushes into a battle or hesitates, and takes orders but is also able to improvise. Alder loves forcing enemies into positions where the’re at disadvantages, or employing creative tactics to take down foes — a habit he’s kept from his days as a prankster at the Temple. He fights using a long sword and shield, but also carries a bow and throwing knives.

Alder Price

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