Ezra Dran

Captain of the 16th Detachment and wife of Metis



Ezra is the captain of the 16th Detachment of the The Order of the Eight, and the wife of Metis Dran. She took over Metis’ command after he mysteriously disappeared years ago.

Physical Description

Ezra stands 5’9" and weighs 140 lbs. She is well muscled from her years of combat training, and has a sturdy frame. Her eyes are grey and she has fair skin with a few freckles. Ezra wears her straight, auburn hair about shoulder length.


Ezra is an extroverted, intelligent woman who enjoys the company of her comrades. She is loyal to a fault, and is a model paladin. However, her loyalty to Que’edal and to the paladin order stems not from nationalism or religious zealotry but from the bonds of brotherhood tying her to the paladins. She is a strong leader, but prefers to allow her subordinates to make decisions in the field, and trusts their instincts. Ezra is also kind and compassionate, and it is not uncommon for her to feel conflicted about especially malicious orders she receives from on high, and tries to find ways to accomplish her missions without hurting innocents.


Ezra comes from a long line of paladins from the southern reach of the empire, near the old border with the Valleylands. For generations, the men and women of her house have served the Holy Empire as paladins, and always submit their first born for training in the order. As such, Ezra was drafted into the Order of the Eight at birth, and trained at The Temple at Ma’yathu until she was 20, when she was assigned to the 34th Division tasked with suppressing Catfolk rebellion in the interior of the empire.

After demonstrating her skill with the sword and in diplomacy in her dealings with the Catfolk tribes, Ezra was transferred to the 16th Division under Captain Metis Dran, to whom she quickly became second in command and later married. The 16th worked to stabilize the borderlands between Que’edal and the River Duchies and achieved some measure of success, however peasant revolts continued to plague the empire.

After Metis’ disappearance, Ezra took over his command. A year later, her entire corps was killed in a bombing in protest to the Que’edali occupation of the valleylands, leaving herself among only three survivors. She rebuilt the division in earnest, and is now leading what is considered one of the most elite divisions of the entire Order.

Family and Connections

Amir Izshmat, father (estranged)
Kali Izshmat, mother (estranged)
Paula Izhmat, sister (estranged)
Metis Dran, husband (missing)
Gina Sunchild, friend, comrade
Griygin Karr, friend, comrade, second-hand
Tunnah Ki’izhir, friend, comrade
Alder Price

Fighting Style

Ezra fights with a longsword and shield, the standard weapons of her order. In battle, she prefers to incapacitate her opponents rather than kill them, but is prepared to take life when necessary.

When directing her comrades, Ezra allows her subordinates a significant amount of freedom to act on their own instincts and trusts their judgement. Her team is very tight knit, and is capable of executing coordinated maneuvers even in the heat of combat.

Ezra Dran

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