Gina Sunchild

16th Paladin Division and half-elf bastard child of a high clergyman



Gina is the illegitimate daughter of an elf high clergyman and a lowborn village woman from the outskirts of the empire. She is a member of the 16th Division of the The order of the Eight under Ezra Dran. She is the primary archer and survivalist of the division.

Physical Description.

Gina is small framed, standing about 5’4" and weighing 130 lbs. She’s wiry and has well toned musculature. Gina has the pointed ears and intense violet eyes of her father and black hair that she keeps tied back in a loose ponytail. She wears only light armor, unlike many of the other members of the Order, because of her role as the primary scout and ranger for the 16th.


Gina is a bubbly, gregarious girl that enjoys the company of her comrades, especially because it was so hard for her to find acceptance being the only half-elf in her class of paladins. She can be impulsive and rash, especially when it comes to protecting the things she holds dear, and will go for blood if she thinks someone she loves is threatened. Gina idolizes Ezra Dran, her captain, and would die for her. In general, Gina is very kind and tries to see the best in people, but can quickly become vengeful and ruthless. She is very social with the other members of her Division.


Gina was born in a small village to a peasant mother. Her father, a high clergyman, feared that her mother would come forward and reveal the child’s identity, ruining his career and possibly condemning him to a life among The Silent Brothers and Sisters. To eliminate the threat, he conscripted Gina into the paladin army, removing her from the care of her mother and essentially making her the property of the state.

Gina’s elf traits quickly made her out as different among the other recruits at The Temple at Ma’yathu, and she was trained to use a bow instead of a sword and shield. However, she often was alienated from her entirely-human class, and found it difficult to make friends despite her gregarious nature. Gina’s unique talents lead Ezra Dran to recruit her as soon as she turned 20 and graduated from the temple, and she joined the 16th Division as a scout, hunter, and, of course, fighter.

Family and Connections

Molly Rivers, mother (estranged)
Aare Fa’ale, father (estranged)
Ezra Dran, captain, friend, comrade
Griygin Karr, superior, friend, comrade
Tunnah Ki’izhir, friend, comrade
Alder Price, friend, comrade

Fighting Style

Gina is rash when fighting on her own, and will rush into battle even when it isn’t wise. When fighting with the 16th, however, orders and chain of command temper her mercurial urges and force her to fight more wisely. She does sometimes have trouble taking orders, however. Gina fights with a bow as her primary weapon but can also use a long sword like the rest of the paladins.

Gina Sunchild

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