Griygin Karr



Griygin Karr is the Lieutenant of the 16th Division under Ezra Dran, and a member of the Que’edali Order of the Eight. He is one of the three survivors of the bombing that decimated the original 16th Division, along with Ezra Dran and Arij Assam.

Physical Description

Griygin is in his mid-thirties, has somewhat short brown-blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s of sturdy build, but isn’t very tall, standing about 5’8" and weighing 160 lbs. His left hand is severely scarred and so he always wears a glove on that hand. His skin is of medium-fair complexion, and he has a short beard.
h2. Personality

Griygin is a stern, but stubbornly loyal man. He is quiet and introverted, preferring the company of those he knows, but around the people with whom he is comfortable, Griygin opens up and is very sociable. Despite his quiet nature, Griygin is prepared to use swift, calculated force in order to end disputes and defend those he holds dear. He easily becomes possessive over the few people and things that are important to him. Griygin has a good heart, but often his lack of social skills makes it difficult for him to express himself and when he does speak, he can come off as abrasive, especially to people just getting to know him. He has a sarcastic, deadpan sense of humor, and is prone to obsessive-compulsions such as cleaning things and sharpening his weapons.


Like most paladins of The Order of the Eight, Griygin was recruited when he was very young and trained at The Temple at Ma’yathu until he was 20 years old, at which time he was assigned to the 4th Division, which was charged with duty in the interior protecting the clergy. As he had been at the Temple, Griygin was a bit of a problem, quietly causing trouble by sneaking off, shirking duty, making sarcastic comments, and outright ignoring orders he thought were unintelligent.

After an incident involving foul words directed at the clergyman Griygin was supposed to be guarding came to pass, he was transferred to duty with the 20th, fighting the miserable Typhoon War against a particularly powerful merchant lord and his hired militia from The Summer Isles. He quickly demonstrated that he was much more suited to battle than body guarding diplomats, and Griygin was never assigned to duty in the interior again.

Griygin was later transfered to the 16th after the war ended and the 20th was disbanded and reassigned to other divisions. He became Ezra Dran’s second in command after Captain Metis Dran mysteriously disappeared, and is only one of three people to survive the bombing that nearly decimated the 16th division shortly after Ezra took command.

Family and Connections

Ezra Dran, friend, comrade, captain
Metis Dran, friend, ex-comrade, ex-captain (missing)
Gina Sunchild, friend, comrade
Tunnah Ki’izhir, friend, comrade
Arij Assam, ex-comrade, commander
Alder Price, friend, comrade

Fighting Style

Griygin fights with a long sword and shield. He generally tries to attack last, watching his opponent before engaging and taunting them with words. Griygin is masterful at psychological warfare and prefers to beat his opponent mentally before even drawing his sword. Once engaged, he is swift and calculating, not ferocious.

Griygin Karr

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