Hasan Khaled

Wandering Que'edali treasure hunter and adventure seeker



Hasan is a wandering treasure hunter and adventurer who travels the Dragonsands, the great desert in the south of Que’edal. He frequently appears at the The Great Library at Gyr to pour over the library’s resources and find his next adventure, or to try and pander the artifacts he finds to the Library’s museum.

Physical Description

Hasan is tall, about 6’3", and is physically fit, weighing about 220 lbs. He has a long, disfiguring scar over his right eye, and usually keeps it covered. He usually dresses in many layers of fabric because of his travels in the desert, where there are frequently sandstorms.


Hasan is usually quiet, preferring to watch people and listen to conversations rather than lead them. However, he is willing to take command when he feels it is necessary. He has a sarcastic, playful sense of humor, and many people think that he’s very conceited, which, to some extent, he is. Narcissism aside, Hasan is driven by wanderlust above all else, the thirst for adventure. He has little empathy for others, and travels alone or with hired hands, not wanting to share his finds, but he enjoys toying with other people and always returns to civilization to share stories of his travels and rub his discoveries in the face of his rival, Dianne Zunith, a linguistics professor at the Great Library whom he considers a rival.


Hasan’s personal history is something of a mystery. He was born a dumpy desert village in the Dragonsands region of Que’edal, but past that, nobody knows how he rose to prominence as an adventurer. He is rather well known among people who keep up with the archaeology, exploration, and trading scenes for his discoveries and unfortunate (or fortunate, for the right buyer) tendency to sell off the precious historical artifacts he discovers instead of bequeathing them to a museum or learning institute.

He met Dianne once when visiting the Library to try and sell some precious documents that would have helped her to finally decode a language she had been working on for a long time. Hasan ended up selling the documents to a collector who offered more than the LIbrary, and from then on out, Dianne and Hasan developed a rivalry. Many people call their interactions flirtatious, teasing, but Dianne insists that she simply engages in banter with Hasan as a rival.

Despite his reputation, Hasan actually provides important information to the Library through his travels and sometimes his artifacts actually do end up in Library hands. Many field-studies have been based off of observations that Hasan has shared.

Family and Connections

Dianne Zunith, acquaintance, rival

Fighting Style

Hasan fights with twin swords, and is skilled in using kunai as well. He prefers not to get into fights, but quickly finishes them when they begin. He also has a tendency not even to take out his swords if there is a more creative way to take down an opponent using the surroundings. His fighting style is based on careful observation of his opponent’s weaknesses and blunders and waiting to take advantage of these.

Hasan Khaled

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