Jirar Quaithe

Professor of Archeology from the Great Library at Gyr



Jirar Quaithe is a young Que’edali professor of archeology from the Great Library at Gyr. He specializes in the lore and history of the lost River Duchy civilization, and travels frequently to conduct field research.

Physical Description

Jirar is about 5’10" and is very slight of frame, weighing 140 lbs. He has light blonde hair and blue eyes, and although he tries to keep clean shaven, he often forgets to tend to his beard and will often have scruffy facial hair or a 5 o’clock shadow. He is very expressive and spasmodic in his movements, and speaks with a stutter.


Jirar is a quiet, but easily excitable man. He is introverted, but is not afraid to talk to other people when he needs something or when they express even the slightest indication of interest in his research. Additionally, Jirar has a tendency to ramble and speak continuously once he begins talking, especially if it’s about his work. He is downright obsessive when it comes to his studies and will often forget to eat, sleep, and bathe when in the middle of a particularly engaging line of research. Jirar has horrible street-sense, and almost always needs someone to protect him when he ventures outside of the library, as he has been mugged multiple times. Despite this, Jirar remains jovial and unable to see the bad in people until they’re already treating him poorly.


Jirar was born in the interior of Que’edal to a family of textile weavers, but had a fascination with history ever since his grandmother taught him to read and he discovered books. A human, Jirar was not encouraged to attend a higher learning institution but rather to join the military like his family had done for generations. He rebelled, and asked the Godsinger of his local chorus for help. With his support, Jirar attended the Ki’Meht Institute for Higher Knowledge in the capitol, and soon became known among historical circles for his decoding of some of the lost language of the River Duchy civilization. He became a tenure professor at the Great Library soon after and received a grant from the Holy Council of Knowledge to study in the Duchies. He alternates between working at the library and doing field work in the Duchies.

Family and Connections

Dianne Quaithe, mother
Luro Quaithe, father
Sara Quaithe, sister
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, colleague

Fighting Style

Jirar doesn’t fight. He runs, and screams a bit if the battle is intense. He may try to defend himself instead of surrender if he feels any kind of precious archaeological object or tome he is carrying is threatened.

Jirar Quaithe

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