Kamil D'ezeran

Apprentice to Jirar and graduate student at the Library at Gyr



Kamil is Jirar Quaithe’s graduate student apprentice and assistant, and frequently teaches his classes while Jirar is doing fieldwork, or goes with him to do fieldwork himself.

Physical Description

Kamil is a half-elf standing about 6 feet tall and weighing around 180 lbs. He has jet black hair, red eyes, and olive skin that freckles. He often has ink stains on his fingers.


Kamil is a sociable young man that enjoys listening to practically any conversation. He absorbs gossip like a sponge, but doesn’t spread it, just listens. He’s very diligent and bright, and works very hard at his own studies while helping Jirar with his work. Kamil can be selfless, and is very humble, often putting himself down, and he has some self-esteem problems. He’s especially self-conscious of his half-elf ancestry, and tries his best to act like an elf, shunning the human part of himself and thinking it dirty. He has a bit of an aversion to humans, and was originally skeptical of working with Jirar, but being Jirar’s apprentice has started to open his eyes a bit, and he is becoming less judgmental. Overall, Kamil is a friendly, quiet man.


Kamil was born in the eastern reaches of the Que’edali empire, near the border with the Summer Isles. He was the son of a well-known elf actress and one of her husbands, and he never found out the identity of his biological father, and was instead treated as a son by all of his mother’s four husbands and two wives.

When he came of age, Kamil bid his family goodbye and traveled across Que’edal on foot to reach the Library and ask for a chance to study there. He was initially turned away, but he ran into Jirar walking out of the Library and, after being sucked into a conversation about Jirar’s research, the professor decided to vouch for him and Kamil was allowed admittance to the university at first as Jirar’s aide, and then as a student.

Family and Connections

Tia’a De’ezeran, mother
Jirar Quaithe, mentor, professor
Dianne Zunith, professor

Kamil D'ezeran

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