Metis Dran

Slayer of the Direbadger and Pillar of Holiness...



Metis Stern is a paladin of The Order of the Eight (the select group of paladins from the Holy Empire of Que’edal), now adventuring with Eric Lark. He held the rank of Captain before his disappearance.

Physical Description

Metis stands 6’ 3’’ tall, with piercing blue eyes and a scar across his left eye. He is broad and athletic, with many battle scars covering his body from his many years in service of the Chorus Of Many Voices. He wears the beaten brass-guilded armor of his Order covered by a ragged cloak.


Metis was drafted to the Que’edali paladin order very young, but he took to his training with intensity and focus. Much throughout his adolescent life he focused upon his fighting skills, as well as increasing his strength and utility to the Godsingers. As a young man he was ruthless and efficient, known through the order as a bit of an asshole. He was quickly noticed as a young man for his great strength, which was reflected in his favored weapon the greatsword. In the battlefield he was deadly, while off he was lacking in social graces and intelligence. He married his opposite, a woman named Ezra , she was able to pull him out of his shell occasionally and interact with other paladins. His prowess in the battlefield was recognized when he was promoted to captain for his performance and ruthlessness in battle. Yet after a skirmish in a River Duchy town that led to the massacre of the entire town, as well as all of the invading paladin squadron, Metis has been missing. Only re-surfacing three months later in the town of Houndstooth Bend.

Metis Dran

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