Tunnah Ki'izhir

Paladin of the Order, 16th Division under Ezra Dran



Tunnah is the son of a lesser noble in Que’edal, and a member of the 16th Division of paladins under Ezra Dran. He’s the second youngest member of the corps, after Gina Sunchild.

Physical Description

Tunnah is tall, with a sturdy build and is well muscled, at a height of 6’4" and weighing 220 lbs. He has brown-black hair that he keeps relatively short, light brown eyes, and keeps clean-shaven although he can grow a beard.


Tunnah was born the fourth son of a lower nobleman in the interior of Que’edal. He was given to the paladin order and trained until he was 20 at The Temple at Ma’yathu, and was quickly recognized for his incredible strength and trained to use a greatsword.

While training at the Temple, Tunnah soon found himself protecting his younger classmate, Gina Sunchild from bullying and hazing because of her elf ancestry and strange habits. They became very close and he still feels incredibly protective of her.

After graduating, he served for a year in the interior before being recruited by Ezra Dran for the 16th division, where he promptly recommended Gina for the corps.

Family and Connections

Quaren Ki’izhir, father
Ezra Dran, captain, comrade, friend
Griygin Karr, superior, comrade, friend
Gina Sunchild, comrade, friend
Alder Price, comrade, friend

Fighting Style

Tunnah follows orders to a fault, and will fight exactly as he is commanded to, although he lacks creativity in battle. He wields a greatsword, and fights taking advantage of his great strength instead of agility or finesse. He works incredibly well as a part of a team, and is fiercely loyal to those he fights will. Tunnah often takes the front lines.

Tunnah Ki'izhir

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