Gyr is often called the crown jewel of Que’edali achievement, and is the nerve center for scholarly pursuits in the entire civilized world. Scholars from all over Tertia travel to Gyr to visit the Great Library, the city’s most famous and important landmark. It is a huge metropolis and trade center, home to hundreds of thousands of people.


Holy Empire of Que’edal :: Dragonsands

Law and Government

Gyr is governed by Mother Eeriy Falandres, the high godsinger of the Grand Chamber of Greater Gyr. She has a number of subordinates, the head godsingers of Gyr’s three Chambers: the Greenwater, North Gyr, and South Gyr Chamber. Mother Eerie’s duties are those of a governor and mayor, and she does have the authority to pass regional laws for all of the Chambers included in the Grand Chamber of Greater Gyr.

Some of these laws include allowing mercenary groups to mass in groups up to 5000 strong inside of city bounds (which is prohibited in the rest of the empire) and mandatory search of people and caravans coming in and out of the city (to prevent smuggling). Mother Eeriy is especially concerned with stopping smuggling of treasures and contraband artifacts


The Great Library at Gyr


Gyr itself is included in the Grand Chamber of Greater Gyr, which is divided into three smaller Chambers — the North Gyr Chamber, the South Gyr Chamber, and the Greenwater Chamber. The chambers are further subdivided into various districts, however these divisions are not official, and not recognized by the Que’edali authorities. Some districts include the shoreline district, the marble district, the arcane district, the artisan’s district, and the spice district, but this list is not exhaustive.

Shops and Businesses

Spice District :: Soot District :: Shoreline District :: Marble District :: Brick District :: Bridge District :: Arcane District :: Artisan’s District


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