The Inquisition is an order of the Chorus of Many Voices, the Que’edali state religion. It is the primary intelligence gathering body for the church, and is incredibly powerful, having the authority to operate outside of laws binding normal citizens in the name of protecting the empire.


Holy Empire of Que’edal :: Chorus of Many Voices :: First Western War


The Inquisition is one of the oldest institutions of the Holy Empire of Que’edal, established shortly after the Chorus of Many Voices came to power. At first, it was a rather small order of the church, a loose network of informants that fed information to the Council of the High Godsingers in the capital. After the First Western War, one of the High Godsingers — Phyrus Xarrthi — argued for the value of information in maintaining the Empire’s interests in times of conflict,, and successfully expanded the Inquisition’s powers. The modern Inquisition is a largely autonomous entity that reports to the Minister of Knowledge, one of the High Godsingers. There are Inquisition agents under cover and operating openly all over the empire, and they constitute a capable force numbering over 6,000 strong.


In most major Que’edali cities there is an Inquisitory, where inquisitors and informants report and where openly operating inquisitors are based. Intelligence delivered to the Inquisitories is sent to the Central Inquisitory or simply “Central” via raven or messenger. Each Inquisitory is headed by an inquisitor of Captain rank or higher. In order of authority, ranks in the Inquisition are as follows: Eye, Inquisitor, Lieutenant, Captain, and Marshal, which is held by the High Godsinger who is the Minister of Intelligence.


Inquisitors travel in pairs when operating under cover and when working openly. This serves two purposes: One, provides a certain degree of safety for inquisitors while working, and two, makes them more intimidating and gives them greater flexibility when conducting operations. The standard uniform for an inquisitor not operating under cover is a black cloak, navy blue and silver trimmed tunic, black armband, navy black pants, and black boots. Many inquisitors also wear different hats according to their rank. An inquisitor’s rank is displayed on their armband, as well as the emblem of the Inquisition. As affiliates of the church, Inquisitors are generally very knowledgeable of religion, and in addition to their combat skills, have the ability to use divine magic.


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