Sandpoint is a small Que’edali town on the edge of the Dragonsands, the last stop for travelers out of the Valleylands to rest and refuel before taking the long and arduous trek through the desert to the Que’edali heartlands in the north. It is a popular stop with traders, treasure hunters, mercenaries, and travelling scholars headed to and from Gyr.


Holy Empire of Que’edal :: Gyr :: Dragonsands

Laws and Government

Sandpoint, as a part of Que’edal, follows all Que’edali national laws and pays tithe (church tax) to the Chorus of Many Voices, the Que’edali state religion. Locally, it is governed by Brother Piqural, the head godsinger of the Sandpoint’s chamber, whose responsibilities, in addition to religious ones, are similar to those of a mayor. Brother Piqural is responsible for managing the town in accordance to the wishes of his superiors, not for creating new local legislation. As such, there are few to no laws specific to Sandpoint.

Shops and Businesses

The Waterskin (Tavern)

A simple sandstone building with a dirt floor and stone tables and chairs. The inkeeper is a jovial half-elf named Sina*. Sina is spindly in frame, has thick curly black hair, and brown eyes.

Boiled Cactus, Mug of Stout(3 cp)
Boiled Mutton and Vegetables, Tankard of Stout (10 cp)
Vegetable Stew, Glass of Wine (4 cp)
Salted Que’edali Sausage and Flatbread, Tankard of Beer (10 cp)
Smoked Pork and Sharp Cheese, Tankard of Wine (10 cp)

Green Smithy and Seamstress

A nice stone and wood building on the edge of town. A smoke trails jovially from the chimney of the smithy, and humming can be heard from inside. Alison Green, a blonde woman of river duchy heritage, runs the seamstress shop and her husband, Wes Green, a brown haired Que’edali man with a five o clock shadow and a gruff voice, runs the smithy.

Iqurith’s General Store

A rather shoddily constructed stall on the main road in and out of town manned by an eccentric Que’edali human about 40 years old named Iqurith Ba’aseen. Iqurith has salt and pepper black hair that he wears long and braided, a goatee, many earrings, flamboyant purple robes and wears lots of jewelry that chimes when he moves. His store caters to travelers in need of provisions and mounts on their way out of Sandpoint, and many sundry items can be acquired there.

Items: 2x Small Tent (10 gp), 5x Signal Whistle (8 sp), Star Charts (200 gp), Torch x 10 (1 cp), Moonrod x 5 (10 gp), Tea (2 cp), Chocolate (5 gp), Honey (1 gp), Trail Rations (5 sp), Waterskin (1 gp), Small Barrels (hold 25 gallons of water weighing 200 lbs) (1gp)

Minor NPCs

Brother Piqural: Head Godsinger of the Sandpoint Chamber

Brother Piqural, while not actually a mayor, fulfills all of the functions of one as Sandpoint’s head godsinger. He is an elf, appearing to be of early middle age (late 30’s) with long black hair that he wears either loose or with a few braids, and a missing left arm that was lost in a sandworm attack. In character, he’s rather passive, kind, and understanding, but does have difficulty knowing what to do in situations where those tenancies fall in opposition to his duty to the gods or to Que’edal. Lawful good.


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