Soot District


The Soot District is the poorest district in Gyr, and is densely populated and teeming with crime. It’s not uncommon to find prostitutes roaming the streets here, which the city officials ignore despite strict Que’edali laws about celibacy because the intellectuals of Gyr rely on non-citizen mercenaries so heavily and these characters demand the services brothels provide. It is also known to be home to the Thieve’s Guild, among other criminal organizations.

Shops and Businesses

Iggy’s Pawn and Resale

The shop is a two-storey timber and brick building that appears to lean to one side precariously. A grimy sign hanging over the door advertises it as “Iggy’s Pawn and Resale” and through the leaded glass windows items ranging from old swords to stuffed animals are visible crammed onto the shelves inside.

Soot District

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